Another new year day is gone around the corner 'again' . What should we talk about? New year resolutions,  parties, holidays etc. May be we should, yes we can talk about them too but today let's talk about something that we have avoided for a long time. Friends.

Not the ones that we make at new year parties. The ones we left years ago and never talked to. As humans we are blessed with the skill to make friends every where we go and also leave them whenever we deem it fit with least amount of regrets.

But why do we feel some thing heavy on our hearts when someone talks about them? Why don't they just leave our minds alone? Surely I'm not talking about your ex here! People who were friends. Who were part of the best of your memories and who knew the darkest of your secrets. 
Friends essentially provide balance to your life that your family and your spouse cannot.
This new year lets talk to them again and start the new year in a better way let's see how:

  1. Letting go will make you feel better
    Often we don't leave people because they are good. We leave them because they did something that was not good as you saw it. But why keep their bad memories and frown every time we hear their name? Forgive them from the depths of your heart. Call them, wish them a new year and tell them you hold no grudges. You'll feel lighter and better.
  2. You did something wrong
    You need two hands to clap. If you think they did something wrong so they may think the same as well for you. Just like the two faces of a coin your fight has two faces and your side of the story may not be the right one. Say sorry, listen to their side with an open and cooled mind. Who knows you may discover a different angle to the story!
  3. Because common friends don't talk to them
    This is the worst case scenario that can happen in a group of friends. One stops talking to two and three is asked not to talk to one. Your friendship with every individual is as different as a cut on a diamond. Different! but giving the diamond (read friendship) a distinct finish. Peer pressure does exist but so does your freedom to choose. 
  4. We think they are busy'It has been ages since we have talked. He is busy'. No doubt that person may be busy but you can always approach first simply because it does not make you a smaller person. Although you should not over do it. Give them a fair and square chance to know that you remember them and you want to catch up.
    Everybody is provided with the same 24 hours and 7 days of the week.
  5. They have moved on
    Since the last time you had a fight they have moved on and now their social media updates prove that too. There is no harm in moving on and every one should too. If you have anything to say to them, talk to them and take it out of your mind. Do take care you would not like to hurt anyone's feelings but do not keep them up to you only.
  6. We are busy and they'll understand
    This can be the worst thing you can say to yourself. Fine! friends understand but so should you. There is a limit to every thing and that includes waiting for you to show up too. If they are asking you to meet up take out some time and meet them. Everybody is provided with the same 24 hours and 7 days of the week and every task is important. Prioritize your work and your friends as well. Reschedule your work, skip your gym for a day or even sacrifice you nap if you have to but find some time for your friends. If they can take out time for you, you can too.
  7. Your friends are not at your school/college/office etc.
    This is perhaps the only reason one does not have any control over. People switch, change their place, go to new colleges etc and we adjust to our daily routine. Good friends are not dependent on the platform you meet them. They are dependent on the chemistry that develops between two people. Limiting your 'friends' to your current job/place will result in a long list of acquaintances and colleagues but no real friends.
 Good friends become family and maybe even more given the feeling of mutual friendship is nurtured selflessly
Friendship is precious, the simplest of the bonds that two humans can have and can be the toughest one to maintain. Good friends become family and maybe even more given the feeling of mutual friendship is nurtured selflessly. Friends essentially provide balance to your life that your family and your spouse cannot. The time you give to them is the time you have invested and shall come to you when you need it the most.

Do meet new people this year, get cozy, maybe leave some of them but if you have any friends keep them close.
Have a great week and even better new year ahead.

Happy New Year!

It is early in the day
as I keep strolling,
I’m thinking about you
and I can’t stop smiling.
Is it love? Or is it just you?
I got to be in senses because I’m out of few.

I get to my table
and I don’t know what to do.
I’m thinking about you
and it’s the work I always want to do.
Is it love? Or is it just you?
I got to be in senses because I’m out of few.

It is time for lunch and I’m not listening
to my boss yelling at me.
I’m thinking about you
because all I want to listen is to thee.
Is it love? Or is it just you?
I got to be in senses because I’m out of few.

In the evening while I return home,
I’m rushing through the street.
I’m thinking about you
the time with you in itself is a treat.
Is it love? Or is it just you?
I got to be in senses because I’m out of few.

Finally I get to see you.
You are more beautiful and charming
than I have always thought you’d be.
My love! I have come to know
what is love, is you!
Who wants to be in senses? I have you.

I don’t know how many of us actually remember the whole concept of OMG or P.K. but certainly it is an everyday story to see people following nasty rituals to please god. It’s ok if you do it too. But at least we should see that god remains god and everyone else take a backseat. God men are not at my aim today but those who “control” temples. I don’t aim here to make a rebel out of you, but to tickle your thoughts and give your actions some momentum. Because had offerings made gods and disciples, the world would have never come out of despair.

Wagha Border, a gateway between India and Pakistan is situated near the Attari railway station was at the pinnacle of attention when the then Indian Prime Minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee chose to visit Pakistan using the Delhi-Lahore Bus service. But since then it has been in news for all the wrong reason, the 'Beating Retreat'.

Situated on the Grand Trunk Road, Wagha Border is part of the International Highway between New Delhi and Lahore. From Amritsar the gradual shift from painted walls to monochromatic fields is as mesmerizing as you can imagine it to be. When I got off at the stop 1 Km away from the ceremony grounds I could easily feel the strange atmosphere. I walked further towards the border passing through multiple check points to climb next to the “Swarn Jayanti Dwar” to seat myself to watch the ceremony. The place was already filled to its capacity and the crowd was equally eager. The setting sun was mocking me and I was missing my cap and sun glasses.

After finding a place for my knees I started to look around. I never found people so excited to see a daily routine, lowering of the national flags of India and Pakistan. Actually it is more than just lowering of flags; it involves the electrifying and coordinated parade of military personals on both sides of the international border. When the parade was about to start I didn’t knew that the following 25 minutes were to become one of my greatest experiences for all the different reasons. No doubt it was a great experience to watch soldiers showing off their power at minimal distance of a white line demarcating the countries, but what is to be watched is more than this. It felt like “reading between the lines”.

The people were cheering the soldiers so as to supress similar sound from the “other side”. I failed to find similar intentions. Amidst all the roaring the idea of cheering just to prove prowess over others failed to convince me. I turned my head in all directions to grasp all that I could from that moment. I could see the glimpse of the “other people” on that side of the border, the colour of the farms, the sky, the sun and the birds. All “guarded” by state of the art weapons and surveillance. 

There is no difference between both the sides of the border, there are just differences. 
To me the weakness of humans was exposed to its core. That tenderness of nature blew away any border. When I looked as far as I could on the other side of the fence I couldn’t notice anything different, because there is nothing different at all. The farms are equally green and equally bear the crops. The soil is of the same colour and so are the people on the other side. The longer I saw, the black fences started to seem more like an eyesore to an otherwise perfect scene. The same fence that could stop people was unable to stop the blowing wind and the flying birds. By the time the ceremony ended the border ceased to exist and I could find no reason to assume two sides of the same land.

No doubt both the countries involved here have had a scarred history for a long time now and their bitterness towards each other doesn’t seem to end very soon. But once you too see the similarity here your heart won’t allow you to believe all the hatred news coming over. It is pretty evident that not all the people want war and destroy their neighbour. Anyone thinking the opposite must die with the unfulfilled wish. Hailing peace I took a deep breath and walked away, feeling pity for those who nurtured the idea of a free nation and later succumbed to their political/regional ideologies and ambitions.

A noisy platform, sounds of railway engines often starts a journey by train. The known edges of a known city are gradually replaced by parallel running endless tracks and fields showing their produce as if showing off. And hence began my journey to Kolkata. It was my second trip to the city and first opportunity to explore it in a better way. 
The Howrah Bridge

Kolkata or Calcutta the city is like no other, and none other could be. The city is as grand and rich as its history and is sure to make you stop and look back at it with ahhh. It was one of the first few trade and commercial centres to be developed by the Britishers as a part of colonizing India and later developed as one of the biggest cultural hub of India.
An average Indian remembers only three things about our constitution. First-its the reason we celebrate Republic Day, second-we have fundamental rights and third-there are laws.

After good 67 years of independence the term 'Fundamental  Duties' is still a puzzle to a lot of people equaling the number of those ransacking their fundamental "rights". Frankly speaking how many fundamental duties do you remember?

The point here is not to lecture about fundamental duties. Its about being more enlightened and responsible towards our nation and society. Duties are not to bind you to law and order, but like any religious manuscript they aim at making one a better human. Remember an old TV advertisement about cleanliness - "Janwar banna aasaan hai, par kya insaan bane rehna itna mushkil hai?". As it turns out yes, its difficult. In a bid to achieve personal excellence we all have left some of these duties way behind and provide a cold shoulder to anyone who talks about change of character.

Its a blog. Another new addition to the millions that already exist. Same old issues, personal life events or may be a new business undertaking.

That's the idea many of us usually carry about any new blog. Is this the case here? Another old story? NO! not at all. Its a small world with large number of people whom we can contact with a thumb, but at times it gets difficult to find a few to settle a boiling idea of our brain. At least that is the case with me.

So, here I am. To blog about anything from technology to social and political issues, automobiles and at times my own creativity. But why you? May be you can find me speaking your language or simply to help me cure my itch. Who knows you may get one too!

Feel free to leave any comment or feedback using comments or emails alike. And obviously you are welcome to suggest any topic you think I may write about. Looking forward to see you here again.